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Southwest Airline's Servant's Heart Day
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Posted on 06/19/2012


Posted at Southwest Airlines Blog

June 19, 2012


Everyone who works for Southwest knows that having a Servant’s Heart is one of our core values.  But have you ever tried to find the definition of “Servant’s Heart”?  I looked in both online and book dictionaries and never found the definition.  So, I thought what better place than the walls of Headquarters to understand the true meaning of a Servant’s Heart?

Just by wandering through Headquarters,   I found that a person with a Servant’s Heart follows the Golden Rule, treats others with respect, and puts others first.  People with a Servant’s Heart also give back to the community by using their gifts and talents to help others.  That’s what the People Department’s “Servant’s Heart Day” is all about.

This Spring, the Employees of the People Department across the system volunteered for a day of giving back.  In MDW, DAL and BWI, we used our skills as HR professionals to teach those less fortunate how to write resumes, search for jobs, and identify and capitalize on their skills to help them find employment.  

In DAL, we held a career workshop that included a “dress for success” session complete with makeovers and new clothes for young single mothers at Arms of Hope, an organization that helps single mothers escape difficult circumstances and transition into successful, independent futures.  We also painted, cleaned, landscaped, and transformed an unused room on the Arms of Hope campus into a resource room to help the young women in their job search.